Trading Links – Is It Still An Effective Advertising Technique

Backlinks can provide your Internet site with authority and any Online marketer will tell you that. And in order to develop the number of backlinks many website owners would trade links with other Internet sites. But with all the alterations that Google has made over time, is this still thought to be a good marketing method? In this post we are going to be taking a look at just that, in order to explain to you the answer.

Let me get started with by explaining what a backlink is, a backlink is a website link that is on one web site that points to another site. Search engines like Google look at these links as a sort of vote for the site. Which means that your Internet site will rank higher in the search engines when you have more inbound links to your web page. Having said that you also have to understand that not all links are created equal. Let’s just say that you have a web link on a website that has a page rank of 3, if the link is on the home page of that site you will discover that it has more value than if the link is found on a sub page of that Internet site. You need to consider the actual page rank where your link is located to ascertain its value, but the home page rank might make a slight difference in value.

One thing you must understand about individuals when they trade links, is that the link they add to your Internet site is usually on a deeper page of the site. So you aren’t getting the same results from that link, that you would from the home page of that Internet site. Websites that make use of link pages can end up getting hundreds of other backlinks on the same web page. Google doesn’t like to notice this sort of thing so obviously these links are not really counted.

Something else that many of you may already know is that Google likes one way links instead of link exchanges. For those of you who’re unaware a one way link is when you don’t have to link back to the site that has your link on it. When Google recognizes one way links they offer that link more power than a link that has been exchanged. Something else you have got to be careful of is trading backlinks with websites that Google doesn’t like as this could hurt the reputation of your website. Which is certainly not what you are trying to do, but it could happen when you trade backlinks.

The only time trading links can provide rewards for you is when the web page where your backlink is has a very good page rank and a good deal of traffic. There is always the danger that Google is not going to even index a deep page which has loads of links on it, so if your backlink ends up there, it is useless. And that can make that link absolutely pointless. In short you can find just a few ways to make backlink trading work in your favor and it can be extremely time consuming to do them, however you’ll find other methods to create one way links.

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