The Passive Profits System Is This A System That Really Works

How many systems are released each and every day that claim to be the next completely new trick to generating money online? The issue is that most of the programs are just garbage. Now not all of the new programs and software’s are garbage just a lot of them. However, if you really think about it the men and women selling the packages don’t normally use them themselves, they just market them to make a quick buck. The Instant Passive Profits system is something that I bought to see what and how it really works and this is my assessment of that program.

When you first get to the home page all you see is a video of a guy telling you that this system works, big surprise huh. The web page itself doesn’t have any other content material on it, all you see is the purchase link and of course the video itself. The video clip itself is about 1/2 an hour long as well as appears to be very promising. In the video clip he goes on about all the individuals online that never tell you what their product is or how it works. Now, the section of the video that threw up the very first red flag is that he also doesn’t explain to you what his product or service is either. He does however give you a quick look at the software, and he shows himself working with it which takes about 20 seconds and your lead to assume that is all there is to it.

At this stage I am going to inform you of what the program is basically all about. I purchase all the new programs that come out to see if they in fact work or not, and then I let people know if the program is worth the cash. The very first thing you should know about the system is that once you buy it you will find any where from 10 to 15 up sell web pages. Needless to say I decided not to get any of the 10 to 15 up sells I was presented.

All this “amazing” software does is provide you with search engine results. The way it works is you take a focused keyword for what ever system your promoting and this software will do a search on the search engines and offers you the URL’s of the websites that are on the first few pages of the results. Now it gets even better, you are now required to join a pay per view program and paste these URL’s into their system. Just so you understand joining this pay per view program will end up costing you another $100. As soon as your told to join the pay per view program they furnish you with the link to join, which happens to be their own affiliate link for that program, this is so they can earn commissions from you.

Should you wind up watching the sales video you’ll be told that with very little work you can start getting huge sums of traffic and sales. You are not told that you must invest more money when you get the so called software. You can actually get these URL’s yourself by going to the search engines and also searching for the keyword phrase. Consequently, I believe this is a massive waste of funds. If your wanting to get visitors, a system that I use and like is the “Magic Traffic Accelerator”.

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