Google Affiliate X. Ray Johnson’s New Affiliate Marketing Helper. Can It Help You?

As an internet marketer I am bombarded with emails every day regarding product launches, many of which are very similar. Google Affiliate X is the latest of these, a product by Ray Johnson and Robert Black.

Ray Johnson is an English Internet Marketer and is responsive to his clients requests, this is a plus on my part. In researching this product I emailed him for more information and heard back really quickly. No autoresponder which goes a long way with me. On occassion I have refrained from reviewing products if I cannot get a response from the product owner. Whilst I am here to make money I do not want to be associated with sub standard offerings.

Google Affiliate X is a software which allows the user to scour the web for untapped niches. It also creates a website for you based on the settings you specify so yes, there is work required on your part. The product takes the hard work out of the process and gives you good information on which to base your business decisions.

We do see many of these products on the market today and it is difficult to choose the best one. It is very easy to get caught out, (I speak from experience) which is why I contact product owners too. Ray Johnson appears to be genuine guy which gives me comfort.

In closing, it appears that this software answers a question that is hard for any affiliate marketer however experienced they are. How are you supposed to know what is in demand right now, who is buying and then capture those people in order to make money? This product with a little TLC from yourself will go and bring you the answers you need.

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