Every Google AdWords User Needs some Beginner’s Help To Start With

Even though Google AdWords is not something new and pay per click has been used for a significant amount of time, people still have problems mastering it.

Basically, whatever keywords you are targeting in your ad must be relevant to the keywords you use in your standard website or affiliate websitelanding page. When somebody comes across your ad while searching for a particular keyword, the ad should grab their attention. Your keyword will get highlighted and be in bold print for the user to see, so if you can put it at the top and in the middle of your ad you will stand a greater chance of someone clicking on it.

While you’re focusing your attention on including the right keywords in your ad copy, it’s also necessary to make sure your copy is appealing to your prospects.

Instead of creating one ad for one keyword, I recommend setting up multiple ads for each keyword which will enable you to build a more powerful campaign for your website or even affiliate website. Don’t forget, you want to make your ad as targeted as possible, so stick with single keywords or phrases for each ad. If you have a ton of different keywords you want to target, setting up ad groupings for each one is fairly straight forward. Ad groups for individual keywords are great because it makes the process more simplified and helps you to figure out which ads are performing and which ones aren’t. Even if your keywords have a minor difference, they should be separated by ad groups to make sure they exactly match the text of the ad.

You also have to consider the keywords you use for your landing page match the keywords you target in your Adwords advertising campaign. Google may not display your ad if your keywords conflict with each other or are too general and unfocused. Never forget to only include relevant keywords to your Adwords campaign that are extremely relevant to the niche of the site you will be directing traffic to. Google knows that if their ads are not representative of the sites they lead to, people will either stop clicking on the ads or use other search engines.

An important piece of advice is to let go of your fear of failure as it’s the only way to succeed with Google AdWords. That’s right; as long as you’re going to fear failure and loss, you won’t be able to take calculated risks. You shouldn’t put all your money on the line, especially on a gamble, because the key concept is calculated risk. If you can create a strong foundation for your AdWords ad and actually focus on tweaking and testing based on your results, then there’s absolutely no looking back.

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