Classified Advertising Works If You Do It Correctly

Classified advertising can be an great way of getting rid of old stuff, promoting a business or even make friends. Done well it can seriously increase your traffic and sales. This article gives you simple techniques to increase your ads effectiveness and avoid some of the pitfalls.

Traditional classified ads were a great resource in local newspapers and magazines but these have been overtaken by the ease and speed of posting on internet websites. You can now get your message out to the world in seconds by posting free classified ads.

The origins of classified ads were from the printed media where postings were grouped into categories or classes. They were paid for by the letter so were usually short and sweet to maximise the cost effectiveness.

When you post an ad, whether it is selling a product, trying to get a date or even posting wanted requests, the advert needs to sell so there are several aspects you need to consider.

1. The headline is the most important part of the ad. If it doesn’t attract a user to click it, the ad has failed already. Your ad copy may contain literary works to rival Shakespeare, but if the headline does not grab the attention it is worthless.

Make the ad stand out by using motivating words such as Don’t Miss Out, Find Out More, Limited Availability, Only Available Here etc. It needs to catch their eye so use creative formatting and upper or lower case letters (different to everybody else).

2. Sell the benefits. People react to benefits, they want to know ‘what’s in it for me?’ they want ways of improving their life in some way. We all want to get thinner, be better looking, make more money etc. Your listing should give them promise of fulfilling their human emotions, not a list of features.

3. Be honest and truthful and to the point. Classified ads are meant to be succint, their purpose to get you to click through, email or telephone for more information. The more personal information you include the more likely you can be trusted.

4. Improve your ad with pictures and video. A picture is worth a thousand words and video is even more effective. Plus most of the competing ads do not bother so you will instantly get more clicks.

5. Instruct the reader what to do next. A ‘call to action’ is needed to give clear instructions on how to take the matter further. Use Call Us Now or Click To Find Out More etc to increase conversions considerably.

6. Check everything looks ok. Always proof read and check links as errors just make you look unprofessional. Test different combinations of headlines, wording, photos etc to see what works best and then use that combination on other sites.

Using classified ads sites is a numbers game. You do need to increase the effectiveness of every ad you post to maximise your profits and minimize the cost. Use the tips above coupled with a quality classified advertising website and enjoy greater profits today!

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